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Just Arrived!

21/01/2022Tall gearing for Hayabusa GSXR1000 etc.

Tall gearing for Hayabusa GSXR1000 etc.We just got a new batch of 19 and 20 tooth front sprockets for Gen 1 and 2 Hayabusa, GSXR1000's and GSX1100's.

21/01/2022RSR Laser Ride Height Sensors

RSR Laser Ride Height SensorsJust in from RSR, these Laser ride Height sensors are used as part of an anti wheelie strategy for Street based Dragbikes.

12/01/2022Lectron Billetron MX Carburettors

Lectron Billetron MX CarburettorsWe now have good stocks of the fantastic new all Billet Billetron Powerjet MX Carbs for Most MX Applications 125cc to 300cc . Lectron have taken the performance of their H series carb and Improved every area of performance and fitment. The new body is shorter making fitment on modern MX 2 strokes easier.

18/11/2021Cometic MLS Head Gasket 2017-21 GSXR1000

Cometic MLS Head Gasket 2017-21 GSXR1000Just recieved 76mm 23 thou MLS Cometic Head Gaskets for the 2017 onward GSXR1000. We also have the Cometc Reusable Case Gasket Sets for this bike.

16/11/2021Mikuni RS 34 mm Carbs GSXR750, GSX1100 Z1000

Mikuni RS 34 mm Carbs GSXR750, GSX1100 Z1000Back in stock ! just had 6 sets arrive!

12/11/2021EK Drag Race Chain

EK Drag Race ChainMassive new order of EK630MS and EK530DRZ2 Chain Just arrived. Maybe the last shipment before next spring! Dont Miss out!

02/11/20214.5mm Viton Seals

4.5mm Viton SealsThere has been some supply issues with the 4.5 mm Blue Viton Valve Stem seals we have sold for many years. We have sourced and tested the excellent Kibblewhite red Viton seals, which we are now pleased to stock and offer! Its a real minefield with stem seals...so many resellers call their seals Viton when in actuality they are a poor copy...just watch out. ...we stand by our seals , they are used by Europes best engine builders as well as ourselves ! World Beaters!!!

02/11/2021Hayabusa 84mm Big Bore Options

Hayabusa 84mm Big Bore OptionsWe stock both New Wossner 84mm Cylinders and Gen 1 Cylinders Bored and Plated by Millenium for your Big Bore Needs ! Also 76mm GSXR1000 Options Plus Pistons to suit from JE, Wossner, MTC and Wiseco.

29/10/2021GSXR1100 89-92 Starter Motors

GSXR1100 89-92 Starter MotorsJust arrived from the same Manufacturer as our HD Hayabusa Starters. These fit the Bandit 1220 and GSXR1100 89-92 models.

22/10/2021Kawasaki KH500 30mm Lectrons

Kawasaki KH500 30mm LectronsJust Built these 30mm Lectron adjustable Powerjet Carbs for a German Customer, going on a very trick KH500 road bike!

05/10/2021VooDoo ZX14R Oil Pans now in Stock!

VooDoo ZX14R Oil Pans now in Stock!Just received the first batch of VooDoo1.5" Billet Oil Pans for use with sidewinder pipes. £499 inc vat.

08/09/2021GSXR750 85-87 YSS Fork Valves

GSXR750 85-87 YSS Fork ValvesThe new PD Fork Valves give that progressive and controlled feeling of a cartridge fork.
Radial computer designed valve housing made of 6061 T6 aluminium for light weight.
65 Rockwell hardened for long life and appearance. Damping adjustable and tuneable to any application.
Easy to install. Extremely cost effective.
Can be used for On- and Off-Road, Racing and Touring. Fully tested and proven.
To suit all brands of motorcycles with conventional forks.

02/09/2021VooDoo Dragrace Pipes

VooDoo Dragrace PipesWe are again fully stocked with Voodoo Sidewinder and Competion Series Pipes. Hayabusa, GSXR1000, ZX10R , ZZR1400.

24/08/2021RSR Direct Shift Air Cylinder

RSR Direct Shift Air CylinderNow in stock: Schnitz Racing Air Shifter Ram with Integral Solenoid System.The Direct Shift Assembly is precisely machined from billet aluminum to exact tolerances and hard anodized to increase durability. Direct Shift Assemblies utilize a new bullet valve shift solenoid that move twice as much air as standard solenoids. Having the valve built into the cylinder reduces the space required on the vehicle to operate an air shift system and allows the shift to happen with less delay.

Stronger - 100% Billet Aluminum with support brackets and stainless steel bolts.

Faster - Bullet Valves move twice as much air as standard solenoids and having the solenoid directly mounted onto the cylinder reduces delay and allows less kill time to be used.

Consistent - The Direct Shift Assembly is the same length and stroke as conventional cylinders to ensure all current air shifter brackets kits will work as designed.

Modular - You can easily unbolt and move the solenoid to change the direction of the shift. The top mount of the cylinder is also adjustable so that is can be used with any variety of bracket kits.

Rebuildable - Replacement pieces are available. O-rings, bolts, valves, clevis kits, pistons, pins, top mounts etc.

Hard Anodized - We hard anodized the Direct Shift Assembly to increase durability and reduce wear.

In a world where races are routinely won and lost by thousandths of a second, this system will allow you to Stay in FRONT!

*Note - Maximum 140psi recommended.

Compressed length Center to Center is 7.125”

Extended Length Center to Center is 9.875”

Throw is 2.75”

Weight: 295 grams

24/08/2021Kibblewhite HT Steel Retainers GSXR1000 K5-8

Kibblewhite HT Steel Retainers GSXR1000 K5-8We now stock the latest lightweight Steel Top Retainers got eh GSXR1000K5-8. An alternative to Titainium.By utilizing FEA software, it was possible to take advantage of the increased strength and wear resistance of a heat treated steel retainer, while reducing its mass to within grams of a comparable titanium retainer. These retainers are intended as an OEM replacement and are completely compatible with the OEM springs, keepers, and shims. The spring shoulder diameter has been designed to match the OEM retainer and spring as well as KPMI's beehive spring (P/N 60-60950), making this retainer your high performance OEM alternative

19/08/2021MTC GSXR1000 Gen 2 Multistage Clutch

MTC GSXR1000 Gen 2 Multistage ClutchIn stock, ready to ship, the MTC Gen 2 Multistage clutch kit. GSXR1000 K1-8 . Stock core basket required.

28/07/2021Hayabusa Wossner Big Bore Cylinders

Hayabusa Wossner Big Bore CylindersWe are now stock Wossner 83 and 84mm Ready to run aftemarket Cylinders for the Hayabusa 99 to 2020 models. We stock JE,Wossner and Wiseco Pistons to suit.

27/07/2021CP - Carrillo Custom Pistons GSXR1000K6

CP - Carrillo Custom Pistons GSXR1000K6We just had a delivery of some trick CP pistons for use with the APE Stroker Cranks, they relocate the Pin position to ensure the correct deck height

26/07/2021Yoshimura Z900 Ignition Cover

Yoshimura Z900 Ignition CoverGenuine Yoshimura Ignition Covers for the Z900 Now in stock.Magnesium Look Finish. £169.95

22/07/2021Honda CB550/4 59mm Wiseco

Honda CB550/4 59mm WisecoBack in stock, 59mm Wiseco Pistons for the CB550 Fours. 2 sets available. next production date december 2021.

21/07/2021Brembo Radial Front Master Cylinders.

Brembo Radial Front Master Cylinders.Now stocking Brembo Radial Front Brake master Cylinders! call for details !

15/07/2021Dunlop Dragmax Tyres

Dunlop Dragmax TyresWe now have a limited stock of the Dunlop Dragmax Rear Tyres. Call 07900 362809 to order!

29/06/2021Darkside Oil Cooler Kits

Darkside Oil Cooler KitsWe now offer our Swedish Setrab Cooler kits with all black fittings,brackets and lines. In stock for the GSX1100 and GS1000's ,call for details.

29/06/2021Slimline Ignition Cover GSX1100

Slimline Ignition Cover GSX1100We have made a limited run of a slimmer version of our Billet Ignition Cover for use with a dyna 2000 Ignition on the GSX1100 air cooled motors.

23/05/2021GS1000 etc Rear Caliper Rebuild kits

GS1000 etc Rear Caliper Rebuild kitsGenuine Suzuki Rear caliper piston and seal kits only £47.59!!

21/05/2021SRAD 600 and 750 Top Cowls

SRAD 600 and 750 Top CowlsNow stocking replacement fibreglass top cowls .

21/05/2021GSXR750 88-89 Oil Coolers

GSXR750 88-89 Oil CoolersSetrab Swedish coolers,genuine earls fittings! The Best!!

01/05/2021Cometic MLS Head gasket CB750 SOHC

Cometic MLS Head gasket CB750 SOHCJust in stock: 65mm 810/836cc Cometic MLS Head Gaskets.

30/04/2021MaxxECU Race

MaxxECU RaceWe have a brand new boxed MaxxECU Race kit available £1300 . Mail me for details. It was going to be used on one of our bike. Also we have a set of fire core coils to match £295.

30/04/2021SV650 Performance Parts.

SV650 Performance Parts.We can offer a Full range of performance goodies for the SV650. JE Pistons,Stainless Valves,APE parts,Cometic Gaskets etc etc

08/04/2021GSXR600/750 SRAD YSS Z Series Shocks

GSXR600/750 SRAD YSS Z Series ShocksJust arrived GSXR600/750 SRAD Z Series Topline Rear Shocks £299 inc vat. https://www.suzukiperformancespares.co.uk/product/suzuki-gsxr750-600-srad-96-99-yss-shock/7197/

21/03/2021GSXR750/1100 LH Riders Peg Bracket

GSXR750/1100 LH Riders Peg BracketThe Slabside GSXR1100/750 LH peg Bracket was deleted by Suzuki over a year ago. This bracket was always vulnerable to snapping due to its weak design. We have made our own Billet version which answers the availability and vulnerability questions!

15/03/2021New Katana Fuel Tanks!

New Katana Fuel Tanks!We just took delivery of 4 Katana 1100 silver tanks. Part of a very small run by Suzuki in Japan! Grab them while they are available! https://www.suzukiperformancespares.co.uk/product/suzuki-gsx1100s-katana-fuel-tank/7182/

02/03/2021Suzuki GSXR1100J 88 Wheels 18"

Suzuki GSXR1100J 88 Wheels 18Just in! A pair of the rare 18" 3 spoke wheels . 2.75 x 18 front, 4.50 x 18 rear. £450 pair .

18/02/2021Setrab Oil Cooler Brackets

Setrab Oil Cooler BracketsWe are now stock Genuine Setrab Oil Cooler Brackets for the Narrow and Full Width Cooler Units.

02/02/2021Wiseco Pistons GT500 T500 back in Stock

Wiseco Pistons GT500 T500 back in StockJust got fresh supplies of the Excellent Wiseco Forged Pistons for the GT500 T500 Models. 71mm 1 mm oversize.

29/01/2021GSXR750 85-87 Stainless valves

GSXR750 85-87 Stainless valvesNow in stock, SPS Stainless Oversize Valves for the GSXR750 85-87 Slabside Models. 1.5mm os inlet, 1mm os exhaust.