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Schnitz Single Stage Shift Light Module

with Auto Shift Output

Condition: New

Availability: In Stock

Our Price £179.99

Schnitz Single Stage Shift Light Module

Product Description

With a highly visible shift light, you don't need to worry about missing a shift. You will get consistent results, shifting at the exact desired engine RPM each and every time. With the aid of a Schnitz shift light, hitting the rev limiter while going down the track is a thing of the past!

Seven bright red LEDs visible in direct sunlight. Easy wire-up directly to the coil.  RISC processor for extreme precision and easy user interface. Simply press and hold both program buttons to enter into program mode, where you can set the desired cylinder setting and shift point setting. The new settings are then stored in memory.

Dimensions: 3.125" long x 0.75" diameter. The most compact shift light of any manufacturer! Two different style Mounting Brackets. Vinyl covers are for reducing emitted light intensity for night racing. They do not determine the color of the emitted LED light. Covers match the LED color.

The auxiliary output wire (brown) can be used to ground a circuit (switches to ground) with the RPM is equal to or great than the shift point.  This is perfect for wiring up to a relay for auto shifting with an air or electric shifter! It is recommend to install a toggle switch inline with the brown wire so this output can be disabled if need be. You must use a relay to activate a shift solenoid. We offer a kit right here.

  • Ultra Precision, digital RISC micro-controller technology! 
  • Self Contained, no rpm activation modules or "pills" needed!
  • No tach adapter needed for new "Coil-on-Plug" with multi-spark ignitions!
  • Works on all digital ignition systems.
  • Can be connected to "tach out" terminal of aftermarket CDI ignition boxes, or directly to the coil on inductive systems.
  • Fast and easy RPM setting with digital display and two program buttons
  • 1000-20,000 RPM range adjustable in 100 RPM increments
  • 123456 or 8 cylinder engines
  • 5 or 12 volt tach signal operation (ECM or coil)
  • Seven high intensity red LEDS
  • Black anodized 6061-T6 aluminum housings
  • 0.75 inch diameter x 3.625 inches long
  • Simple 4 wire hookup: red=12VDC, black=ground, green=tach lead, brown=output to control external devices
  • Shipped with 2 types of mounting brackets
  • ounce total weight
  • User adjustable sensitivity levels. Minimum signal required to activate shift light in high sensitivity mode ( 2 volts peak to peak square wave). Minimum signal required to activate shift light in standard sensitivity mode ( 4.8 volts peak to peak square wave).

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