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Suzuki GSX1100 Web Camshafts

G3 Grind performance cams.

Condition: New

Availability: In Stock

Our Price £685.00

Suzuki GSX1100 Web Camshafts

Product Description

 This is a set on new billet performance cams for the 16v gsx1100. ex/et/esd/sz /efe etc. The Profile is the old Cam Motion G3 spec. Always an excellent fast road/road race spec cam.Lift 0.345\" Duration 254@50 thou.ideal for use with a big bore piston kit..they require the use of hd valve springs for better valve control,avoidance of coil bind, and the fact the oem springs will be 30yrs old! excellent midrange and top end power, with no loss of low down performance.