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TRIUMPH TIGER 15-16 Dynojet Power Commander 6 Fuel Module

PC6 Fuel Injection Module

Condition: New

Availability: In Stock

Our Price £432.20

TRIUMPH TIGER 15-16 Dynojet Power Commander 6 Fuel Module
  • TRIUMPH TIGER 15-16 Dynojet Power Commander 6 Fuel Module
  • TRIUMPH TIGER 15-16 Dynojet Power Commander 6 Fuel Module
  • TRIUMPH TIGER 15-16 Dynojet Power Commander 6 Fuel Module

Product Description

Tried, true and tested the Power Commander continues to evolve with the Power Commander 6.  Developed to simplify the user experience, PC6 makes choosing and tuning a map easier for the end user.  All the same benefits you have relied on for over 20 years remain to keep you at the front of the pack.

Compact design for discrete placement & easy uninstallation to revert to stock settings

Vast library of tunes for any combination of aftermarket parts

Easily change & upgrade tunes as you upgrade parts

Comes with Power Core software that connects with our EFI Tuning Devices to unlock your ride’s potential

Pair with other Power Commander accessories like the Autotune, Quickshifter or POD-300

Analog input allows you to install any 0-5 volt sensor and build an adjustment table based on its input such as boost or temperature

Easily connects to your computer via USB

Each cylinder can be mapped individually and for each gear, giving riders more granular control

One year warranty

The Power Commander 6 fuel injection tuning device allows you to optimize your fuelling, ensuring smoothness, efficient performance for your machine. This sleek module seamlessly optimizes your air/fuel ratio without directly changing the ECU. With fine tune adjustability and multiple inputs, the Power Commander 6 will keep your vehicle running at its full potential letting you concentrate on the journey ahead.

Featuring a plug-and-play setup, Power Commander 6 can be installed discreetly underneath your seat, cowl, dash or other location ensuring your ride looks as good as it runs. Removing the device reverts your vehicle completely back to stock.  With the ability to store and switch between two maps on-the-fly  (via the map switch accessory) and connect to various Power Commander accessories such as the Autotune, Quickshifter or POD-300, the Power Commander 6 gives you features and functions that provide you with the ultimate ride.